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Board of Directors

  • Linda Neel, Chairman
  • James Earl Edwards, Vice Chairman
  • Ruth Baker, Treasurer¬†
  • Jeff Fowler,¬†Secretary
  • Ken Granger

Qualifications for the Board of Directors:

No person shall serve as an officer, director or committee member who:

  • Has been convicted of an offense involving dishonesty, a breach of trust a violation of this chapter, or fraud, except with the prior approval of the Department;
  • Has been adjudicated bankruptcy within the previous three (3) years;
  • Has been removed by the Department as a Credit Union Director, Officer, Committee member; in addition, to qualify for an elected position;
  • Must be a member of the Jackson County Teachers Credit Union for a minimum of three (3) years;
  • Members account at credit union must be active and up-to-date.