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Low Loan Rates at JCTCU

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If you have any questions or require current rate information on your accounts, please call Mary at (850) 526-4470.

Last Dividend Declaration Date: March 30, 2007. APY = Annual Percentage Yield

The dividend rates and APY's listed for a share/savings, sharedraft, and money market accounts were the rates paid on the last dividend declaration date set forth above. They are compounded monthly, based on the daily balance. These dividend rates and APY's may change every month, as determined by the Board of Directors (APY assumes all dividends are reinvested.) Account balance must have a minimum balance of $100.00 to earn dividends. For accounts with tiered rates, if the average daily balance in the account is equal to or exceeds the minimum tier amount, the dividend rate and APY will be paid on the entire balance in the account. Dividends are paid from current Income and available earnings, after the required transfers to reserves at the end of the dividend period. Fees and other conditions could reduce the earnings. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal of Share Certificates. Share accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Insurance Fund, an Independent agency of the United States Government.

Rate Type APR APY
Share Rate .50% APY: .50%
Share Draft Rate 0% APY: 0%
Share Certificate Rate .65% APY: .65%

Loan Rates

Loan For Approx. Term Annual Percentage Rate
New Vehicle 75 months As low as 4.25%
  60 months As low as 3.99%
  48 months or less As low as 3.49%
Program Vehicle 72 months or less As low as 5.99%
Used Vehicle Call for Mileage and Age Exclusions From 5.99% up to 9.49%
New Title Secured (non-auto/non-motorcycle) 180 months or less As low as 7.50%
Used Title Secured (non-auto/non-motorcycle) 120 months or less As low as 8.00%
New Motorcycles 72 months or less As low as 6.49%
Used Motorcycles 60 months or less As low as 7.49%
Recreational Items New As low as 5.49%
Recreational Items Used As low as 6.49%
Lawn & Garden Equipment   As low as 7.49%
Non-Titled Secured 60 months or less As low as 9.50%
Share Loans Up to 120 months As low as 4.50%
Open End Line of Credit Varies As low as 13.90%
Special Unsecured Varies As low as 18.00%
Match Rate (auto/title secured) Varies Varies
Bill Consolidation 120 months or less As low as 10.00%
Christmas/Vacation Loan 11 months $65.00 app fee